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Parent Resources: Testimonials

“The immersion program gave me a challenging early education that was culturally enriching and memorable. I studied influential figures like Frida Kahlo, explored alleyways filled with murals on field trips into San Francisco, learned how to dance the Sevillanas, and celebrated Dia De Los Muertos. The Immersion program also gifted me with a number of inspirational Latina and Hispanic teachers who served as my role models during a highly impressionable age. It wasn’t until high school that I fully realized how much I love studying and speaking Spanish. Any opportunity to practice, like with a customer at work or in the car with my friend's parents, would be simultaneously terrifying and exciting. My craving for Spanish immersion drove me to partake in a two week summer travel program, which proved to be one of the best experiences of my life...the Immersion Program has made me a more open minded and passionate person. I have seen how exposure to unfamiliar cultures and perspectives will increase my understanding and ability to connect with others. I will continue seeking these opportunities, and strive to live up to the meaning behind my name.”

Half Moon Bay High School & Immersion Program Graduate

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